MILO®, Malaysians’ Greatest Favourite

About MILO®

Referred to as Malaysians’ most loved dark chocolate malt ingest manufacturer, MILO® hails Nestlé Australia as a ingest powder created to create vitality. Nowadays, MILO cereal® is manufactured in over 24 industrial facilities around the world and available in over 40 nations, and its particular unique dark chocolate flavours are cherished by a lot of.

MILO® Advantages

A providing of MILO® can provide you with the electricity you want for your daily workouts. A cup of MILO® contains 124kcal, that makes up 6% of the energy daily. Additionally it is loaded with whole milk as being a method to obtain healthy proteins and calcium supplement, vitamins and minerals to enhance effective vitality launch.

The Renowned MILO® Powder

MILO® is well-known among Malaysians for the powder beverage. With just a couple of tablespoons of MILO® natural powder, it is possible to assist MILO® in a number of methods. Provide your MILO® hot to begin every day during breakfast or with ice-cubes for the rejuvenating consume over a hot evening.


MILO® On-the-Go

If you need MILO® in an instant, there are actually prepared-to-ingest items to save you time. Enjoy the tasty goodness of MILO wherever you go in lots of exciting flavours that make you stay full of energy on the run. You can even get MILO® inside a pack with MILO® UHT that will complement meals.

Have Breakfast With MILO®

MILO® also offers many different goods that one could get pleasure from for breakfast. Commence every day with Nutri Your morning meal instant oatmeal, packed with the goodness of oats and the delightful preference of real banana pieces. You can also try out MILO® With Wholegrain Cereal to incorporate much more fibre to your diet.

MILO® Dairy-Free Option

Buyers of dairy food-free of charge products can still benefit from the rewards and deliciousness of MILO®. MILO® Dairy food Totally free Almond is low in fat and an excellent source of vegetation-structured healthy proteins. MILO® Dairy Cost-free is good if you’re lactose intolerant or eager for a herb-dependent diet regime.

Healthful Lifestyle With MILO®

MILO® always motivates Malaysians to feature healthy life-style within their daily lives. MILO® has pursuits and campaigns for folks of all ages to sign up in efforts to become more productive. There are pursuits like sports classes for youths, outside events, and more.

Why Pick MILO®?

MILO® is a selection in several Malaysian families because of its distinct flavours and healthy ideals. The brand’s wide range of goods may be paired with your meals and satisfy your eating tastes. MILO cereal® also strives to help make Malaysia more healthy with their endeavours.

PUMA in The World of Sports

More than just being quick, PUMA aims to achieve one thing: to be the Fastest Sports Brand in the World. As a world-renowned sports brand, PUMA has been creating, developing and designing quality sports apparel, t-shirts for women and footwear for all kinds of sports, from football to motorsport and golf, for over seven decades.

The History of PUMA

Founded by brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler in 1919, PUMA originates from humble beginnings as a small factory in Germany. In 1936, Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the Olympic Games in Berlin, all while sporting Dassler spikes. Since then, more world-class athletes are seen wearing Dassler shoes, creating an international breakthrough.


PUMA Sports Apparel and Equipment

Today, the playing field is more diverse than ever. Be it on the running tracks, golf courses or the football field. PUMA supplies athletes with the right equipment to perform, from golf clubs to running shoes. Even when not doing sports, PUMA sports apparel is versatile wear that you can style in various ways.

Paving The Way For A Greener Earth

PUMA is committed to making better products and contributing to a better environment and society. By working with stakeholders on the 10FOR25 sustainability strategy, they aim to do better across various sustainability areas, including Fair Income, Products, Health & Safety, and more — doing their part to deliver better products and contribute to a better world.

Innovating with PUMA

PUMA thrives on the culture of being first and delivering performance innovations to push athletes to greater heights. In 1968, the Brush Spike that featured Velcro™ on performance footwear was designed for the first time. The tiny rows of spikes on the shoes helped athletes maximise traction and minimised resistance, which worked well for athletes at the 1968 Olympic Trials.

PUMA Against Social Injustices

Over the years, PUMA has partnered with athletes and ambassadors who have raised their voices to support universal equality. In 2018, PUMA t-shirts for women established #REFORM to honour the 50th anniversary of Tommie Smith’s Silent Gesture as an effort to stand up against the broken U.S. criminal justice system and support organisations that inspire real change.

Putting in Certainty within the Facultative Reinsurance Business

How CAB Started out

The Central Administration Bureau (CAB) offers centralised website-dependent systems to boost productivity for facultative reinsurance and coinsurance. Monitored by the Malaysian Reinsurance Berhad, CAB Malaysia resolves reconciliation difficulties, simplifies recuperation boasts and balance arrangement for participants. Its business office is located in Damansara Levels. It recognized its 25th wedding in 2020.

CAB’s Organisation Construction

The CAB Table works jointly with a Chairman, a lasting member from Malaysia Re, a PIAM consultant and four supervisory board associates. Its inner surgical procedures are under the handling of a Secretary (Bureau Supervisor), when a surgical procedure Director directs the Secretary’s Finance plus it Unit record. CAB’s client collection is comprised in excess of 70 nearby and offshore insurance coverage sector stakeholders.

CAB’s Digitalised Website-Dependent Techniques

One of many important issues encountered by the facultative reinsurance and coinsurance industry will be the enduring process of payment reconciliation hence CAB founded the CABFAC and CABCO to fix this concern. Mutually financed by CAB associates, the two web-dependent techniques are established to accelerate balance settlements, make simpler promises recovery and remove reconciliation difficulties.

CAB Malaysia

How CABFAC Benefits Reinsurance

CAB’s Facultative Reinsurance Technique is the first computerized online-centered system in Asia to give facultative reinsurance dealings. The machine has four units, the underwriting element, state unit, provide unit and reporting unit. In facultative reinsurance, major insurers obtain insurance to protect organization hazards to make sure solvency and safety inside the experience associated with a activities.

The CABCO System

Pursuing the achievements of the CABFAC program, the Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) developed a centralised CAB Coinsurance System (CABCO) that runs parallel on the past. Coinsurance may be the joints challenge of risk between a variety of insurance firms. The CABCO method contains an underwriting module, declare unit and reporting unit to help softer dealings.

Obtain Organization Advantages being a CAB Member

Appreciate a lot more readily available settlements for facultative reinsurance and coinsurance functions with CAB’s efficient internet-centered CABFAC process which includes structured processes and secured on-line route. A one-off joining cost of MYR41,465 plus an annual fee of MYR 7,195 is applied to insurance coverage and takaful operators, while a yearly charge of MYR1,500 as well as a fee every month of MYR50 is applied to agents.

People in CAB

Become a CAB associate nowadays and improve your facultative reinsurance & co-insurance plan organization and then make resolution promises simpler by way of a sleek internet-centered method. Insurers & reinsurers, takaful & retakaful operators, overseas and native reinsurers & brokerages are encouraged to obtain regular membership. A lot of our associates include RHB Insurance and Berjaya Sompo Insurance policy.

Register to become a CAB Fellow member

Within the last twenty five years, CAB Malaysia has provided its associates with electronic digital web-based techniques to boost productivity in reinsurance and retakaful purchases, an answer for substantial concerns encountered by the industry— work-rigorous and time-eating facultative supervision. CAB is on a mission to foster assurance in the facultative reinsurance and coinsurance sector through digitised providers.

NESCAFE®, Malaysians’ Supreme Favourite

The Story of NESCAFÉ

Inspired to generate a cup of coffee that maintains the natural flavour with the addition of drinking water, NESCAFÉ put together their fast espresso blend in 1938. Since then, NESCAFÉ became the new title in caffeine — its label is a combination of Nestlé’s first three letters and the word ‘café’ as a suffix. Today, NESCAFÉ Kopi O is widely enjoyed internationally in 180 countries around the world.

NESCAFÉ Timeless

NESCAFÉ Vintage is made of a mix of high-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans by way of a unique process that preserves the beans’ flavour and aroma. From NESCAFÉ Traditional Decaf to NESCAFÉ Vintage Kopi Kedah, the Vintage range delivers a wide range of coffee developed locally and sourced responsibly using their company nations to ensure every glass provides the greatest fulfilment.


NESCAFÉ Gold is designed with flawlessness for those who benefit from the more delicate stuff in life. Made from substantial-high quality Arabica beans, NESCAFÉ Golden delivers fantastic flavour information. It will serve an extended, pleasant glass with a unique and sleek taste. Bundled in cup jars and for sale in refill packages, this device is an excellent accessory for business office pantries and house caffeine cafes.


NESCAFÉ Combines

The NESCAFÉ Mixes collection delivers numerous delicious gourmet coffee pairings obtainable in convenient sachets — think latte whole milk green tea, white coloured espresso hazelnut along with your common 3-in-1 caffeine! Every merchandise supplies a distinctive caffeine flavour, just like the Latte Hazelnut that may be bold and crazy or even the White Gourmet coffee Kaya Toast that permits you to take pleasure in your entire Kopitiam favourites within a cup.


Bring along NESCAFÉ with you to work, to college, and on outings! Manufactured in Animal containers and aluminium cans, NESCAFÉ On-The-Go enables you to suit your espresso yearnings anytime and anyplace. The range gives classic favourites like Kopi-O and Cham, modern-day choices like Cool Brew and Iced Chococino, and herb-dependent options like Oat Latte and Almond Latte.

NESCAFÉ Coffee Machines

Made with simple contemporary factors for efficiency and magnificence, the NESCAFÉ coffee maker permits you to drink top-quality espresso in style. It is a hassle-totally free solution to create the supreme produce, leaving no spillage or gourmet coffee powder on the tabletop. NESCAFÉ coffee makers can be found in numerous designs and sizes to match your design and room to help you become the perfect barista at home.

NESCAFÉ: Developed Respectfully

NESCAFÉ plays a role in espresso sustainability by ensuring that its coffee is produced with respect for the farm owners, community and surroundings. NESCAFÉ supplies farm owners training and specialized assistance to increase their livelihoods, save drinking water and increase property productiveness to guard the surroundings. Assistance harvesting residential areas to help keep caffeine harvesting capabilities well and in existence.

NESCAFÉ Your Selection

Gourmet coffee has a sophisticated and large-which range of choices and scents, with 23,000 cups of coffee eaten worldwide daily. NESCAFÉ assures a top-quality gourmet coffee experience through highly trained tasters to distinguish every coffee’s distinct flavours and smells. Experiment with their range of products for yourselves by improving your everyday caffeine with NESCAFÉ Kopi O espresso nowadays!.

Extensive Protection With AIG Malaysia

Get Comprehensive Safety With AIG

As we go through our everyday lives, we chance dealing with a wide range of threats that could expense our way of life. One of the ways to become finest prepared is by purchasing an excellent insurance plan. An excellent medical indemnity insurance prepare supplies broad insurance for different types of misfortune that could eventually us. With AIG, you can get oneself taken care of in a number of techniques.

AIG Malaysia’s Insurance Program Solutions

As an specific residing today, we have now a lot to care for — whether it is the new home we obtain, the automobile that people are driving or our private well being. Unlucky events might take place out of your glowing blue, but we may not have the power and time to handle them. AIG Malaysia will be here to help you with a number of programs for many different requires, at home insurance to personalized accident insurance,

Travel Insurance plan

Use a stress-totally free holiday throughout the vacations, whether or not you’re traveling throughout the country or overseas! With AIG Travel Insurance, you will get healthcare security as much as RM1 million when you’re out of your moves. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, you can also get protection as much as RM700,000 which include quarantine allowance and a lot more.

AIG Malaysia

AIG’s Home Insurance

Protect your home and your belongings there having an insurance plan from AIG Malaysia. With AIG, you may have extensive insurance coverage for your home that includes your valuables regardless of whether they’re inside and out of your house. You can even get overnight accommodation expenditures following any injury to your home from robbery, flash flood, or flame with this strategy.

AIG’s Vehicle Insurance

You experience a lot of risks as you journey through your car, regardless of whether going to operate or over a brief vacation. With AIG Car Insurance, you may get protection against problems for your own car because of accident, fire and robbery. AIG also includes your obligations to another one bash for example problems, damage or death for the other get together as well as their automobile.

AIG’s Personal Incident Insurance policy

The AIG Personal Accident Insurance can be a herb that grows along. When you join now, you’ll get personal insurance, and your loved ones can earn the positive aspects as well as you move along to get a loved ones. Get protection that is comprehensive of health care expenses, all manufactured for your ease as you can sign-up on the internet or talk with any of AIG agencies.

Incredible importance of Insurance Programs

With a decent insurance strategy, you can be free of all the concerns along the way through this unforeseen lifestyle. A safety program can safe your financial situation that you could or else need to devote enormously in the event any ailments or mishaps occur. Additionally, also you can safeguard individuals you love if some thing bad happens to them.

Get Substantial Insurance coverage With AIG Malaysia

Have you been already thinking about a great insurance plan for your self? Don’t stress, due to the fact AIG insurance has an array of safety plans that you need for substantial insurance coverage. Pick a prepare whether or not for the long travels, your own automobile, your house, and also yourself. Discover more about medical indemnity insurance at and register now.

PUMA in The World of Sports

More than just being quick, PUMA aims to achieve one thing: to be the Fastest Sports Brand in the World. As a world-renowned sports brand, PUMA has been creating, developing and designing quality sports apparel, track shoes and footwear for all kinds of sports, from football to motorsport and golf, for more than seven decades.

From Humble Beginnings to International Breakthrough

PUMA was founded in 1919 as the “Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik” (Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory) in Germany. The brand pivoted its international breakthrough during Amsterdam’s 1928 Olympic Summer Games, where most German athletes wear Dassler spikes. In 1948 “PUMA” was officially registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office.


PUMA Sports: Functionality & Leisure

PUMA put the fun in functionality by supplying a wide selection of well-designed sports apparel fit for sports and leisure activities. From running shoes for track and field to footwear for golf, PUMA boasts a range of comfortable sports apparel and equipment to help you perform on the playing field while incorporating sports into your lifestyle with stylish sportswear that can be worn anywhere.

PUMA’s Sustainability Efforts

PUMA chooses to push for change and pave the way with fashion and sportswear. As a business that incorporates sustainability into its operations, PUMA’s 10FOR25 sustainability strategy supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals focusing on ten key sustainability areas by working closely with stakeholders.

Innovating with PUMA

PUMA understands the importance of creation to level up on sports performance and to keep moving forward, grounded by science. At PUMA Innovation, five ethos drives innovation: be a pain, be connected, be brave, be open, and be ready. To create a final product, designers talk to athletes, look beyond their scope and adopt a human-centred focus in their designs.

PUMA #Reform

PUMA does not tolerate racism, bigotry, or police brutality and is committed to using its platform to push for change — this is why PUMA established #REFORM to stand up against social injustice. PUMA track shoes make an effort to amplify all Black voices within the workplace and made donations to support organisations and initiatives for the Black Lives Matter movement.