Business Banking With RHB Malaysia

RHB MY’s Input to Malaysia

Since 1999, RHB has provided wide-ranging and excellent services to all its patrons. RHB Banking Group MY stands out as the fourth largest economic expertise group in Malaysia. RHB has also won many honours for their work, including the Bursa Excellence Awards, FinanceAsia, and many others. RHB’s services are centred on three areas: personal, business, duitnow and Islamic banking.

Financial records and Deposits at RHB

Opening a bank account with RHB is effortless. We certainly have numerous account types to suit your needs, from current accounts to fixed deposit accounts. Our credit card expertise will also be versatile and suited to any lifestyle. If you are considering obtaining an insurance plan or taking out a loan, RHB has interesting alternatives the fingertips.

RHB Remittance and Deposit Services

There are also numerous investment decision plans; it is possible to make the most of to grow your own success. Our remittance expertise also permits you to send money away. If you want extra peace of mind to your belongings, our secure deposit boxes will provide you with a secure solution to store your keepsakes.

RHB Bank

Small business Accounts at RHB

Insurance coverage is necessary for any organization, especially in opposition to any events that would change your online business or perhaps caseworkers are damaged. Just be sure you, as well as your business, are safe by RHB insurance. Opening a small business bank account with RHB is additionally easy, and only takes one day. RHB may also support you with financial loans for the business.

Organization Banking Products at RHB

Apart from the principles, we could also arrange trade capital services, and also have a variety of consultants to suggest for you on the best preferences to make. RHB is not just your bank but besides, your companion. We provide business options and information that will help you develop your enterprise. These tips also reach up to guidance in investments.

Islamic Banking Possibilities at RHB

RHB includes a selection of Syariah-compliant products for you to select from apart from our traditional banking services. This option is not merely limited to our Muslim customers, but to our non-Muslim customers too. Some advantages to Islamic banking will be the undeniable fact that payments are not compounded, and also the rules derive from economic justice- no disguised payments or hidden charges!

RHB Now Banking Online and Mobile App

RHB Now Banking is undoubtedly an app which can be straightforwardly downloaded of your phone’s app store. This will allow you to admission your account from anywhere, and you could even open an initial deposit account throughout the app itself. If you have several accounts, you can handle each of them from a phone- you don’t need to log in and out always!

Why Choose RHB?

Want to do your consumer banking without having fuss or hassle? RHB stands out as the bank for you. Using our flexible choices, you can manage your business banking needs in a single place! Our experts and customer support section can also be found to resolve any queries you may have. Pay a visit to RHB’s website for more information on duitnow: