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Since 1953, AIG has been operating in Malaysia by providing premier travel insurance Malaysia & risk management services for corporations and persons. After beyond sixty years in running a business with 15 offices nationwide, AIG Malaysia has been consistently delivering quality products and services to customers. This is all made possible, allowing to the contribution of their extensive network of agents, brokers, and schemes.

AIG knows well that in dealing with the uncertain future, not much more reassuring than having proper insurance available. So, they’ve offered numerous packages which would be capable of accommodating both companies’ along with individuals’ needs.

When acquiring assets which include homes and cars, the authority has rendered insurance purchase mandatory to make sure people can safeguard themselves during incidents. In the event the customers decide to get the vehicle of property insurance from AIG, they will be equipped to enjoy maximum coverage from common risks with the proper rates.

AIG Malaysia

Nevertheless, to successfully protect ones well being will be the ultimate necessity. Due to this, AIG and its particular agents have most certainly been striving to increase understanding of the value of medical insurance. This effort appears to be fruitful while the statistics of medical insurance and personal accident insurance subscription continues to be showing positive growth.

As a result of the rise of international trading and more affordable travelling expenses, the Malaysian citizen typically travels more equally for work and leisure. Because there’s a huge demand for travel insurance, AIG features a whole coverage insurance policy for its customers with a catchy tagline, that is “let us “Jaga” you on your trip”.

Moreover, for business entities, AIG has been actively supplying a high-level risk management plan that applies to the requirements. Whether it’s extended warranty insurance, aerospace insurance, fronting and captive services insurance, or maybe trade credit insurance, corporate customers have the option to alter their subscription plan with AIG to prevent both overprotection and underinsurance.

No doubt how the full range of plan are likely to serve clients from all kinds of sectors, which includes manufacturing, education, financial, transportation, aviation, and even more. In expressing their receptiveness for the changes in market trend and a rapid rise in quantities of startups, AIG has created an SME package that will assist entrepreneurs in protecting their business while they grow.

Through AIG Malaysia’s website, individuals and corporations can get information on the products offered along with receive a quote upon providing relevant information. Based on the requirements, customers may get a private meeting with nearby agents and much more for far more information regarding AIG’s services or products.

Recently, AIG Malaysia went the extra mile to embrace e-commerce when they make their travel insurance Malaysia subscription found on Lazada Malaysia. This would ultimately bring convenience to subscribers as they can have their protection activated in just three days, and it’s also perceived as a right approach of getting in touch with the target audience electronically.